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Mindwalk is an organisation that partners with other businesses in their transformation initiatives.
We offer dedicated BBBEE verification services as well as research services in empowerment.

About Us

We are a tightly-knit small team. The fact that we are a small team has enabled us to offer a personalised service resulting in a good working relationship with our clients.

Our team

Enrico Cupido

(Managing Director)

Enrico has over 27 years’ experience across various business principles with a strong financial services background. His main objective is to enable and support businesses to prosper an ultimately support the Economy.

Anthony Hartman

(Technical Signatory and Nominated Representative)

Anthony’s goal is to make a positive contribution to change in South Africa. He has a legal background, having the degrees of BA Honours, LLB from the University of Cape Town.

BBBEE Certificate

The BBBEE verification process.

What to do next?

Download & complete the verification request form. (This form gives us insight into your business and helps us put together a quote for our services.)
We then email you a quote.
Once our quote is accepted, We request information relating to your verification.
Ready to plan your verification and submit a verification plan to you.
Plan approval & onsite visit to verify the information provided.
Complete verification report and issuing of our certificate.
Unhappy about any aspect of the process?
Our appeals and complaints policy is available to you.


Verification is our core business
but we also offer related services.

Workshops & Presentations

BBBEE is complex – Businesses need to understand how it works and how it needs to be implemented. We can provide training workshops and presentations that will enhance your understanding so that you are able to develop your own BBBEE strategy. You can call upon us if you need workshops or presentations on BBBEE and related issues.

Research Services

We offer research services into matters such as empowerment and job creation. We have done work for various government departments around the empowerment impact of job creation programs.

Legislative and Compliance Insight

BBBEE forms part of a broad legislative structure designed to bring about empowerment and transformation. Our background and experience enables us to provide insight into other related legislative and compliance matters.


If you have more questions please contact us.

Why should my business be verified?

Although no law compels you to be BBBEE compliant, it is unlikely that you will be able to do any business without someone asking you for a BBBEE certificate. This occurs because your own BBBEE status affects theirs. For large companies especially, it is important to be compliant and your certificate or its absence will have an impact on their level of compliance. Also, when doing work for government bodies, you will be required to have a BBBEE certificate. Without it you will be penalised when quoting or tendering for government work.

How long will BBBEE last?

This is not easy to answer. Currently the BBBEE framework is in its second cycle that ends in 2017. After that, in terms of the Codes of Good Practice, the system may be reviewed. Bear in mind that the Codes of Good Practice have been revised and are scheduled to be in effect from April 2015. This means that the push for BBBBEE is becoming greater rather than decreasing.

Why have the BBBEE Codes been revised?

Government felt that the first set of Codes had not achieved all of its aims – particularly, smaller Black owned businesses were not benefiting. The revised Codes consequently focus strongly on recognising those businesses that play a role in supplier development. Also, where businesses do undergo the verification process, the requirements have become stricter. This is meant to ensure better compliance with BBBEE requirements that are meant to bring about increased change.

What are some of the key changes that the revised Codes will bring about?

The New Codes have changed the thresholds that determine the category of the business and consequently type of verification. Exempt micro-enterprises were those businesses with a turnover of R5 million or less. Their verification process was less stringent than that of bigger businesses. All micro-enterprises had an automatic Level 4 rating with Black-owned micro-enterprises receiving a Level 3. The turnover threshold has subsequently increased to R10 million. 100% Black-owned businesses are now automatically Level 1, with those business with a Black ownership of 51% or more, but less than 100% receive a Level 2 and other micro-enterprises receive a Level 4. In other changes the aspects of Management Control and Employment Equity have merged into one element. While Procurement and Enterprise Development have merged into a broad Supplier Development element.

Socio-Economic Development

Socio-Economic Development enables
organisations to further
their BBBEE objectives and make
a positive difference.

Contributions may be made with the purpose of assisting of Black disadvantaged persons to improve their social and economic circumstances. These contributions may take various forms but typically involve cash grants to Not- for- Profit organisations serving disadvantaged communities. Grants for academic fees or other forms of assistance such as the value of time allocated to administrative support may also be recognised. In order to be awarded the relevant BBEE points it is important to obtain the following evidence:

  • Proof of the grant or support such as a letter of acknowledgment. (The letter may be provided by a person in authority or by an independent person such as an accountant)
  • Confirmation that more than 75% of the value of the contribution benefits Black persons in order for the full value of the contribution to be recognised.

We are often asked about Socio-Economic Development Contributions and to whom such contributions can be made. There are many organisations working to make a difference; we have previously worked with the organisations described below and we believe that they are making a real difference in the communities that they serve. We are proud to be associated with them.

The South African Education Project (SAEP) provides educational support to learners in severely disadvantaged areas. Lack of access to early childhood development resources, under-resourced schools and poor teaching practices are amongst the many challenges that face South Africa’s educational system. SAEP addresses these needs by providing resources that build academic and life skills for young people amongst severely disadvantaged communities. Support is offered in Early Childhood Development, High School, Bridging year programmes between matric and tertiary education or employment and tertiary education support. SAEP attempts to fill the gaps in our educational system and in so doing provides its beneficiaries with the opportunity to succeed in the future.

Ikamva Labantu was established in Cape Town in the 1960’s to support vulnerable people in the severely deprived township communities. The organisation targets those persons deemed to be most vulnerable, namely orphans, vulnerable children and youth. Pre-school children in under resourced early childhood development centres and vulnerable senior citizens are the other beneficiaries of the organisation’s services. Communities are empowered to make a difference in the lives of those for whom they care, rather than relying solely on outside assistance as Ikamva Labantu trains community leaders, teachers, parents and caregivers to create the necessary support structures. The organisation’s programmes focus particularly on preventative health care in communities, addressing poor literacy and numeracy levels through community learning and development and through the provision of resources that make living conditions more bearable in severely deprived communities.


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